About us

The «Jugend Symphonie Orchester München» (Youth Symphony Orchestra Munich) was founded in 1986 by Konrad von Abel. From the beginning on it was his main intention to give young and talented musicians of all ages — reaching from talented students aged 15 to prospective professional musicians — the possibility to gather experience through playing in an orchestra under professional instruction.

The JSO in the «Herkulessaal», September 2001

In weekly rehearsals and in additional rehearsal-weeks or -weekends, the orchestra usually works out three concerts. A varying number of active members — up to 90 musicians — enables that a great variety of symphonic opuses can be performed, from baroque to modern music. The focus of the rehearsals is aimed on the performances in the «Herkulessaal» of the «Residenz» in Munich. Furthermore the orchestra gives performances in the vicinity of Munich as well as in other countries, e.g. in April 1996 as Munich’s representatives for Unicef in Paris, confirming the orchestra’s high standard, professionalism and ability to create a musically elaborate sound.

In fall 2000 Alejandro Vila took over the post as conductor.

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